Welcome to R. Strong Glass!

The R. Strong Glass studio in Berkeley, CA has been creating high quality glass work that has been capturing the imagination of galleries, collectors and museums since 1970. Randy Strong has dedicated his life to pushing the limits of hot glass and developing a style that cannot be found anywhere else.

Collected all over the world including the Louvre in Paris, Randy Strong’s designs from his goblets to his sculpture never cease to inspire awe and wonder. In the Bay Area, the R. Strong Glass studio is a frequent excursion for visitors to see hand-blown glass being made up close. Along with Tours and Open Studios, R. Strong glass also produces one of a kind Awards for many different companies and organizations.

This website showcases a wide array of the work that has been done by Randy Strong from the 1970’s until today. Please Contact Us with any questions about available pieces, galleries near you that carry R. Strong Glass and visiting the studio.