Randy Strong

Winner of the juried 2005 and 2008 Niche award for blown glass and finalist for 2010 – awarded by Niche magazine for the best of blown glass in the United States – Randy Strong – artist and designer in hot glass for 40 years, has worked continuously throughout his career producing innovative designs in glass that continually influence the ever changing and growing community of studio glass artists.

Randy is one of a handful of the early pioneering American Glass Artists to help define American Studio Art Glass.  Before he was to enter the world of glass however, he began his broad education in the arts by working in and collecting photography.  In the late 60’s he was working as an events photographer for the Oakland Tribune, and for a brief period, was privileged to work with and learn from photographer Ansel Adams.  His first taste of working in glass came in 1969 at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, Calif. where he began by studying ceramics and was fortunate to have as his mentor, the renowned ceramicist, Peter Voulkos.  Upon graduation in 1970 he received one of the first scholarships to the University of Art in Osaka, Japan as one of the first exchange students between the Universities of Calif., Calif. College of Arts and Crafts, and Osaka, Japan.  That grounding in ceramics led him into the largely unknown (at that time ) frontier of studio art glass.  In 1970, he was with Dale Chihuly when Dale and the Haubergs selected the location for the now renowned Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, Washington – and the journey into that frontier was well underway.

Many of today’s successful, working glass artists are either former students, or have worked with or  for him at one time.  His work, ranging from his distinctive crystal and gold goblets and his ground-breaking work with dichroic glass, to his imposing cast sculptures, and now his seemingly gravity defying, color saturated, multi-piece sculptures, have been acquired by collectors internationally and are a part of collections ranging from The Corning Museum in New York, to the Louvre in Paris.


Randy’s work through the last 4 decades has been characterized by the use of difficult, defining techniques, materials, colors and forms. His newest sculptural work again breaks new ground by challenging the concept of solid form in glass by further expressing its personality in lightness and movement.

In 1970, he built and established his own studio and gallery in Northern California, where he continues to create, design and teach.  After 45 years of making distinctive work in glass, he is continuing to make a limited number of pieces a year while he compiles his book “The Glassmakers”, spotlighting and detailing
the history of the pioneers in glass responsible for creating what now exists as the American Glass Movement.   

Artist Statement

What I love is to see if I can capture the life that glass has when it’s at 2,000°

In its liquid form, hot and flowing glass is a mesmerizing, crazy and wonderful material. The challenge is to capture the life and energy of it’s liquid state when it has cooled to a solid form. This is insanely difficult. I’ve always been one to take the hard road. I must love beating my head against that wall because I keep doing it.

The best part of glass is the people you meet that make life enjoyable. After 45 years, I still love making glass and dancing to music while working. I still wake up every morning asking myself, “What if…”



Randy Strong has been blowing glass and operating his own studio since 1970.  He has exhibited at most of the major shows showcasing fine American Craft throughout the United States for over 40 years. His work is sold in galleries throughout the United States and Europe.


1972   California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA
Bachelor of Fine Arts
1971   Osaka University of the Arts, Osaka, Japan
Graduate Studies, Ceramics
Orange Coast Junior College, Undergraduate Studies
Diablo Valley Junior College, Undergraduate Studies

Selected Exhibitions

2014   Healdsburg Center for the Arts, CA – 3rd Annual Clay and Glass, Invitational Exhibit
2012   San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, California, “Finding Balance”.
2012   Featured Artist, La Quinta Arts Festival, La Quinta, Ca.
2011   Group Show, Village Theatre Art Gallery, Danville, CA. “Finding Balance”, Glass Art in the Bay Area
2008   Group Show, Sculpturesite Gallery, San Francisco, Bay Area Glass Sculpture Invitational: juried by George and Dorothy Saxe
2007   Featured Artist, RASgallery, Yountville, CA
2006   Group show, By the Hand, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA.
2006   Group show, Made In California, Oakland Museum, CA.
2004   Group show, Kentucky Museum of Arts + Design, Louisville, KY
2004   Featured Artist, show, Old Town Galleria, Scottsdale, AZ.
2004   Featured Artist, show, Bedazzled Gallery, Phoenix, AZ.
2003   One Person Show, RASberry’s Art Glass Gallery, Yountville, CA
2001   International Art Glass Show, San Francisco, CA
2000   One Person Show, Circle Gallery, Petaluma, CA
1997   Group Show, California Design ’97, San Francisco, CA
1995   Group Show, Sierra Gallery, Tahoe City, CA
1993   One Person Show, Davis Art Center, Davis, CA
1992   One Person Sculpture Exhibition, Rosicrucian Museum, San Jose, CA
1992   Group Show, Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY
1992   One Person Sculpture Exhibition, California Museum of Art, Santa Rosa, CA
1991   One Person Sculpture Exhibition, Christy/Taylor Gallery, Boca Raton, FL
1990   Two Person Sculpture Show, Cassandra Kersting Gallery, Oakland, CA
1988   California Crafts, Contract Design Center, San Francisco, CA
1988   Hibernia National Glass Invitational Sculpture Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
1987   Dinner at 8 Exhibition, Gallery 8, La Jolla, CA
1986   Eileen Kremen Gallery, Contemporary Artisans, San Francisco, CA
1985   Twentieth Year Exhibition, Naples, FL
1984   6 Dimensions Show, Glass State of the Art, Ivor Russell Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1983   National Show of Glass, Contemporary Artisans, San Francisco, CA
1983   Images 1, One Man Sculpture Show, Walter White Gallery, Carmel, CA
1982   New Morning Gallery Exhibition, Asheville, NC
1982   Corning Catalogue, Spring 1982
1982   Paperweights & Perfumes, Detroit Gallery of Contemporary Crafts, Detroit, MI
1981   Liquid Color Glass lll, Elizabeth Fortner Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
1981   The Museum Society of San Francisco Catalogue, San Francisco, CA
1981   Glass ’81, Signature Gallery, Hyannis, MA
1981   Third Annual Glass Invitational, Contemporary Artisans Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1981   Bay Area Studio Arts GlassAssociation Show, Mills College, Oakland, CA
1980   International Glass Exhibit, Horizon Gallery, Mill Valley, CA
1980   Jorice Gallery, Four Man Show, New York City, NY
1980   Contemporary Calif. Art Glass ’80, Pasadena Arts Council, Pasadena, CA
1980   Western Edge, Southern Calif. Designer Craftsman, Los Angeles, CA
1980   One Person Exhibition, Old Town Gallery, Sacramento, CA
1980   National Glass Invitational, Horizon Gallery, Mill Valley, CA
1980/79   Liquid Color Annual Invitational, Elizabeth Fortner Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
1980/79   Americans in Glass, Traveling Show, Japan
1980   Six Dimensions, Contemporary Artisans Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1979   Eat, Drink & Be Merry, Elements Gallery, Greenwich, NY
1979   Celebrations, Meyer, Brier & Weiss, San Francisco, CA
1979   Three Person Exhibition, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA
1979   National Glass Invitational, Contemporary Artisans Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1978   Glass 1978, Elizabeth Fortner Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
1978   Liquid Color, Elizabeth Fortner Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
1978/77    Contemporary Paperweights, Habitat Gallery, Dearborn, MI
1977/76    Annual Glass Invitational, Habitat Galleries, Lathrop Village, MI
1975   Contemporary Crafts of The Americas, Colorado State University (Traveling Show)

1974   First Annual International Competition for Enamels & Glass, San Diego, CA
1974   Glass 1974.  Galleria Del Sol, Santa Barbara, CA
1972   Media ’72: Western States Crafts Comp., Walnut Creek Art Center, Walnut Creek, CA
1972   Osaka Art Exhibition, Osaka University of the Arts, Osaka, Japan

Permanent Collections

Louis M. Davies Collection, San Francisco, CA
City of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
John Nelson Bergstrom Museum, USA
Joan & Walter Mondale, USA
Prieto Collection, Mills College, Oakland, CA
Osaka University of the Arts, Osaka, Japan
Ludwig Shraffrath Collection, Germany
Aaron Herber Traum Collection, MD
John D. Rockefeller
Corning Museum, New York
Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, AL
Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA.

Awards & Honors

2012   Featured Artist, La Quinta Arts Festival, La Quinta, CA.
2012   La Quinta Arts Festival, Best of Category;glass, La Quinta, CA.
2012   City of La Quinta Civic Purchase Award, La Quinta, CA
2008   Niche Award Winner, Niche Magazine, category: best of blown glass, Philadelphia, PA
2005   Best of Show, Art-Beth-el, St. Petersburg, Fl.
2005   Niche Award Winner, Niche Magazine, category: best of blown glass, Philadelphia, PA
1998   1998 Coconut Grove Arts Festival Collectors Award
1997   1997 Coconut Grove Arts Festival Collectors Award
1997   Honorable Mention, Sausalito Arts Festival, Sausalito, CA
1996   1996 Coconut Grove Arts Festival Collectors Award
1996   1st Place – Glass – Sausalito Arts Festival, CA
1995   1995 Coconut Grove Arts Festival Collectors Award
1994   1994 Coconut Grove Arts Festival Collectors Award
1993   Niche Finalist, Baltimore, MD
1985   San Francisco Bay Guardian Award, “The Best of the Bay”
1982/80   KQED Public Television, Selected Exhibition
1979/78   Purchase Award, City of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
1972   Graduate Scholarship, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan
1972   Selection for Exchange Exhibition, Osaka University of the Arts

Related Professional Experience

2013   Workshop, Glass Dept. San Bernardino Community College, CA.
2012   Featured speaker at La Quinta Arts Festival, La Quinta, CA
2010   Workshop, UC San Luis Obispo, CA
2010   Board Member, Public Glass, San Francisco, CA
2008   Featured Demonstrating Artist, Calif. Glass Conference, Chico, CA
2007   Visiting Artist, Liquid Light Studio, Santa Fe, NM
2006   GLANC Board Member (Glass Alliance of Northern California)
2004   Juror, Glass-tronomy Show, RAS Galleries, Napa, CA
1998   Staff: Sausalito Arts Festival
1998   Vice President, Calif. Contemporary Crafts Association
1998   Juror, Sausalito Arts Festival, 1998 Show
1997   President, Calif. Contemporary Crafts Association
1996   Guest Lecturer, Calif. Glass Conference, Palomar College, CA
1996   Juror, Calif. Contemporary Crafts Assoc. California Design ’97
1996   Juror, Sausalito Arts Festival, 1996 show
1991   Juror, American Crafts Enterprises, (ACE) Baltimore 1992 show
1989   Guest Lecturer, California College of Arts and Crafts
1987   Honorary Guest Lecturer, California College of Arts and Crafts
1985   Guest Lecturer, San Jose State University
1985   Juror, American Crafts Enterprises, (ACE) West Springfield 1986 show
1982   Instructor, San Francisco State University
1981   Juror, American Crafts Enterprises, Rhinebeck Crafts Fair, New York
1981   Juror, Association for San Francisco Potters, San Francisco, CA
1979   Juror, National Glass, Contemporary Artisan, San Francisco, CA
1976   Visiting Artist, Diablo Valley Junior College, Pleasant Hill, CA
1975   Guest Lecturer, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
1974   Instructor, University of California Extension, Berkeley, CA


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