John Lewis birthday party

John Lewis’ birthday party at Geary Bennets, from L-R front: Joe Morel, Ann Nourotm Mike Nourot, John Lewis, Michael Cohn, unidentified gal to right, R-L back: Mary White, Molly Stone-Cohn, Randy Strong, Donald Carlson/ partial behind Joe Morel. Event was John Lewis’ 70th birthday.

Thank You Dale Chihuly

At Dale’s studio for a quick visit and a huge thank you to Dale for again being so supportive in joining the “T Shirt Project” !Dale Chihuly T-shirt project

Note from Dale


Steven Correia

He was one of the leaders in our community of “The Glass Makers” who was always raising the bar for the rest of us– back when we were all “young whipper snappers.” As Steven so poignantly put it, “We went from failure to failure with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm in between.” ( a re quote from some on else, unknown) but none the less a perfect description of what we did, day to day to try and learn how to make glass. We all graduated from school with a sprinkling of knowledge. More to come, stay tuned.


Steven Corriea  holding the goblets he made and a few of his pieces from back in the day, circa 1972 .Steven CorreiaSteven CorreiaStudio Glass book

Thurman Statom joins T-Shirt Project

Thank you Thurman Statom for joining the T-Shirt Project!Thurman_statom_tshirt

Thank you Ginny Ruffner

Ginny Ruffner became an honored participant in the T-Shirt Project on the evening of May 12, 2015. Thank you Ginny!




La Quinta Arts Festival 2015 – Part II

It’s so nice to see people over the years who come by to say hello and sometimes add a new piece to their collection. As Harry Chapin said in one of his songs old friends are better than new friends. But even new friends are delightful because you know that they will be old friends soon enough.

Friends who I’ve met over the years at La Quinta brought me a wonderful handmade wooden game board – what a treat!

IMG_1430 IMG_1436 IMG_1438

New Blue Orchid!

I’ve developed a sweeter color blue in this orchid – which I referto as Mediterranean blue. I tried to upgrade the center leaves to make them very, what can I say… “over-the-top”

I will be showing this piece at the glass art society’s yearly conference and exhibition in San Jose in June. Find out details here: GAS Conference

New Blue Orchid


La Quinta Arts Festival 2015

You never know who you’ll run into at the La Quinta Arts Festival, but as always their are hundreds of artists and art lovers to meet.

The Luebtow‘s came by the La Quinta art Festival to say hello -John and Goldie- their architectural glass is fantastic very large sheets of glass beautifully built- for architectural installations. A must see for people who love glass. His work is over the moon!
John Lubetow

Great gal’s – enjoyed meeting NEW friends – Beautiful and very funny. Brought humor and beauty into the booth that I needed at that moment. Thanks


New friends of R. Strong Glass from!



Tucson Arizona Glass Makers

Photos from my recent trip to Tucson, Arizona where I visited Michael Joplin, Tom Philabaum and Henry Halem.

Michael Joplin Plate

Michael Joplin Plate

Michael Joplin’s sandblasting and figurative drawing and painting using Sand Blasting techniques that are so intricate and so expressive has been one of my favorites since the early 80s when we met.

Michael Joplin

Michael Joplin

Michael Joplin at the bench in the process of making cane. With one of the best T-shirts– everyone “Art-just another get poor quick scheme”

Michael and

Michael and Margaret Joplin

Michael and Margaret Joplin out front of the office they share. Right around the corner from the best coffee house in the city. ” xoxo’s

Arizona 4

Michael Joplin, Henry Halem, Tom Philabaum and Randy

Michael Joplin, Henry Halem, Tom Philabaum and I at Tom’s studio/gallery for Henry’s talk on his life in glass. It was a great lecture – informative & fun insightful as to how & what moves him – boy does he have great stories. I am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow and interviewing him for the book. For those of you who don’t know Henry, stay tuned to this blog for more about him and his work.

Randy, Henry and Rachel

Randy, Henry and Rachel

Myself, Henry Halem and Rachel Running to the right in Tom Phillabaum’s glass gallery after Henry’s lecture. Rachel Running has been photographing glass and glass makers for a long time.