T-Shirt Project

The T-Shirt Project is an ongoing process that aims to document and collect the signatures, personal stories, and preserve the memories and roles played by the pioneering glassblowing artists who have worked over the past 50 years to develop and nurture the American Studio Glass movement. A primary feature of the “T-Shirt Project” is to show and exhibit all of the many faces and people across the country who helped in spreading studio glass in the United States. And, to exhibit the complete project, in one location, The Corning Glass Museum in New York. Randy believes in the importance of knowledge, wisdom, learning, and experience and how it connects to, and fuels the current and future glassblowing movement and artists. In gathering the stories and information from fellow veteran American glassworkers, Randy hopes to show the faces of the glass artists behind their work and document their contribution to the artform, and present it in a cohesive form– the T-Shirt Project.

From Randy:  I wish to thank all the people that have already participated and I hope to have many more of these extremely talented people sign and become  a valued contributer to the T-Shirt Project. 

It is my hope to have the T-Shirt Project on permanent display in the Corning Museum with the video running of all the glass artists that have participated. Where else can you see so many pioneering glass artists signing their name, and in many cases doing a doodle or a drawing, and say hello. Every place else you can see their glass, you can see their signature on the bottom of their work, but here you get to see them, see them sign the T-Shirt Project, and wave and say hello.

To date, there are over 80 glass artist who have taken part in this Project. A hug and thank you to all of them for their time and effort in becoming “T Shirt Members.” Front and back of the shirts showing the signatures:

Dale Chihuly T-shirt project


tshirt_project_shirt photo 1


Above, glass artist Danny Perkins, who creates incredible glass sculptures, joins the T-Shirt Project on February 17, 2015– at his studio in Tucson, AZ.


Above, Randy interviews glass artist Ro Purser in his Whidbey Island, WA studio for the T-Shirt Project and also Randy’s book called, The Glass Makers. In his studio, Ro creates his wonderful glass marbles and intricate murrine work. Thank you Ro for your time and help with these projects!

Above, Donald Carlson signs the t-shirt project on February 22, 2015, at his place in Siletz, OR. Thank you Donald and Karen for your hospitality and for taking part in both the T-Shirt Project and The Glass Makers book. Donald is best known for his incredible red glass– cherries and bowls. Donald has been making beautiful art glass for over 40 years.


Steve Smyers joining the T-Shirt Project on May 16, 2014. Also shown is David Ruth who had already joined.


Craig Zweiffel joining the T-shirt Project. Craig will also have a chapter in the Book Project.